Attendance at Conferences

Can I keep prizes I win at a conference?  Accept gifts from vendors?  Things to consider when going to a conference.

Discounts, Perks and Personal Use of UO Resources

UO employees enjoy many benefits.  Here are some dos and don'ts around the use of UO resources, property, accounts, and discounts.

Employing Relatives or Members of Household

How can I get my partner a job at UO?  Understand what public officials can and can't do with respect to their relative’s employment.  

Employing Students Outside of UO

Can I ask my student to babysit for me?  Things to keep in mind when employing UO students for work outside of UO.


Can faculty accept compensation beyond their out-of-pocket travel costs to give a speech or lecture on a topic of their scholarly expertise at another academic institution or organization?

Inviting Public Officials to a UO Event or Trip

Things to keep in mind when inviting public officials (who do not work for UO) to your university-sponsored event or trip..and what to keep in mind if you, as a public official, are invited to an outside-sponsored event or trip.

Non-Profit Work

I've been asked to join the board of directors of a local non-profit. Can I?

Office Pools (ie March Madness, etc)

Oregon has fairly strict gambling laws that prohibit betting on games of chance. What you need to know about office pools for sporting events.

Political Activities and Use of UO Resources

Can I wear a campaign button for my favorite candidate?  Distribute campaign materials?  The dos and don’ts of political advocacy at work.

Use of University Buildings and Facilities

Can I book a room in a UO building for my book club?  Understand the guidelines for the use of UO spaces and facilities.

Working a Second Job

Can I take a job working as an Uber driver to earn some extra cash?  Teach a yoga class on the side?  What to be aware of when taking on extra work outside of UO.